How we work

Manolete is different from other litigation funders. We take on all the risk in every case and work in a three-way partnership with IPs and their lawyers to ensure meritorious claims are pursued and resolved. We pay large up-front cash payments immediately to relieve the pressure of unpaid WIP and to finance crucial further investigation work.

Our close connection to Insolvency Practitioners and their lawyers is at the very heart of our daily business. Since 2009, Manolete has engaged with hundreds of IPs and their external legal advisers. Each member of our investment team has an excellent knowledge of the insolvency law and the sector – so we get up to speed with your case fast.

On all invested cases, we are there to financially support the work of the IP and lawyers to make recoveries for the Creditor Estate. Manolete always assumes the entire risk. Creditor Estates also receive between 50% and 90% of final net returns. Should the case fail, Manolete bears the full cost.

There is also a full cash-out option. On eleven of our invested cases we have paid a single large one-off amount upfront in return for 100% of the recovery.

We work with the leading insolvency solicitors' firms and barristers' chambers in the UK insolvency market. Lawyers and other professionals working on our cases are remunerated as and when the work is done – they are never asked to act contingently.

Since 2009, Manolete has engaged with hundreds of IPs and their chosen external legal advisers."

Steven Cooklin Chief Executive

Manolete pays all the costs and takes all the risk to ensure optimal returns to the insolvent estate. View the animation here to learn how the Manolete claims process works in practice.