The benefits of working with us

The key benefits of the Manolete model and how we are different from other litigation finance companies.

The model removes all risk

There is no risk to the creditor estate with a compete indemnity given to the IP and the estate.

There is no risk to the IP and they paid for additional large case work.

Overcomes any security for costs issues.

No need for ATE insurance.

Estates benefit from our immediate cash injection.

The model is cost effective

There is no ATE insurance because we are self-funded.

Solicitors are engaged on a time spent basis, not on CFAs so better recovery for the insolvent estate.

Higher recoveries for the insolvent estate (50-90%) at no risk whatsoever.

A financed case has real credibility with opponents which promotes settlement.

We never use brokers.

The model makes better relationships

In all cases, the IP chooses the solicitors who are paid as the legal work is done.

Unlike other funders, we pay funds upfront towards WIP already incurred by the IP and solicitors.

If the IP wishes to exit, Manolete has the ability to purchase claims in their entirety which removes all risk from the IP and full indemnity is provided.

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