March 5th 2017

Further Sharp Rise in Number and Value of Insolvency Litigation Investments

The number of Manolete’s insolvency litigation investments has rocketed to 167 invested cases, as Manolete closes in on becoming the largest single case investor in the World.

Equally noteworthy is the sharp rise in the value of cases. Claims with an aggregate value of over £500m have been received in the last three months alone.

The claims come to us from an increasingly wide range of Insolvency Practitioners and Insolvency Solicitor firms – ranging from the very largest in the World to small one and two partner regional practices.

Commenting on these recent KPI’s, Manolete CEO Steven Cooklin commented: “There seems to be an ever greater appreciation of the value our model delivers to insolvent company and individual estates. When cases are bought or funded by Manolete, in conjunction with excellent IP and legal teams, we are often able to create very significant value for the estate very quickly. Faced by a well-funded claimant, defendants will often see the great sense in engaging in a commercial settlement sooner rather than later – thus avoiding unnecessary and disproportionate legal cost. When they do not engage in this way, then Manolete is built to drive the case to trial, where necessary. Indeed, a recent case ended in success at the Supreme Court. So we absolutely “go the distance” whenever required. We self-insure the ATE risk and we do not use brokers, so there is no cost for ATE premiums or introducer commissions whatsoever – this makes even small (£20k – £100k) cases produce excellent value for insolvent estates”.