Supporting the TRI Community

Manolete has maintained strong relationships with colleagues in the Insolvency Sector. We have sponsored over forty R3 events, most recently the SPG Conference in November 2018 and, the Annual Conference in May 2018, which have all been excellent ways for fellow professionals to learn of various developments in the industry and appreciate new areas of best practice.

Manolete’s first sponsorship of SPG was in 2011 and we were delighted to continue that sponsorship for the 2013 SPG Conference. The SPG Conferences are some of the best attended by R3’s membership.

Through 2011 – 2018 Manolete has rolled out several nationwide series of presentations at R3 Regional Meetings, covering all eight regions in England and Wales and also Scotland. Manolete continues to update R3 members on its latest funding products and on case studies covering recoveries on small (£20k – £100k) Directors’ Loan Accounts and illegal dividends through to multi-million pound plus recoveries on larger cases.

Manolete was also the first ever litigation funder to act as lead sponsor of the Insolvency Lawyers Association Annual Conference in 2016 and has presented at numerous ICAEW events including the Regional Roadshows and the Annual Conference.

R3 Northern Conferences and the Southern Conference

We were proud to sponsor and present at the very first Northern Conference which took place in March 2012. We were equally pleased to return in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018 to give update presentations on our leading insolvency litigation cases. Manolete was also lead sponsor of the newly reformulated Southern Conference in 2017.

Insolvency Practitioners Association

Manolete has presented at several recent IPA Annual conferences. In October 2016 our CEO, Steven Cooklin, was honoured to present the IPA prize winner award at the IPA Annual Dinner in London.


In February 2018, Manolete signed a wide-ranging marketing partnership with the IPA which covers, among other events, the Annual Conference, the Regional Roadshows and the Personal Insolvency Conference.