Professionals’ Views on Us

Barrister, London: “I congratulate Manolete for enabling cases that otherwise would not see the light of day to be taken forward to a successful outcome. It would not happen without them.”

Recovery Partner, Sheffield: “Both myself and my partners have been extremely impressed by the speed within which the agreement with [the former director] has been reached and look forward to working together in the future.”

Solicitor, South West: “A big thank you to all at Manolete for your support on this case – it is literally the case that we could not have done it without you, and it was a pleasure working with you.”


Insolvency Partner, Kent: “The insolvency profession has been waiting for this solution for over 20 years.”

Solicitor, London: ” I have been very impressed by Manolete’s professionalism.”

Insolvency Partner, North West: “Manolete Partners are very different to other Litigation Funding firms. Manolete not only supplied all the funding, their staff very professionally took a grip of the case from Day One….it was they who built the case, we just arranged the access the information they requested….a highly impressive service and funding package.”

Insolvency Partner, London: “You have succeeded in getting the cash in where others have failed.”
Pre-eminent UK Mediator: “I was pleased that we were able to bring this long running matter to a conclusion, and I must say that I was very impressed with your business model and your conduct of the case.”

Insolvency Partner, Newcastle: “The cost model very effectively utilises the English Legal System to manage high risk insolvency cases.”


Big Four Recovery Partner, East Anglia: “We will always bear you in mind for future work, and I will be sure that the rest of our team is aware of the work you have done for us on this case”

Insolvency Manager, Essex: “How did you guys manage to get the entire amount back in 80 days, when we had been trying for over a year?…… I’m a convert!”

Recovery Partner, North East: “We always look at ways to extract that extra value for the benefit of creditors – we will integrate Manolete into our standard processes.”

Big Four Recovery Partner, Midlands: “It usually costs us up to £15,000 a time to get an initial legal view on the viability of our claims – the fact that you do this for free as part of your standard procedures is clearly attractive.”