transaction-at-undervalue-600-manolete-partners£600k Transaction at Undervalue

IP Firm: South West England Accountancy Firm

Type of Investment: Funding the Office Holder

Start Date: March 2016

Completion Date: April 2017 (14 months)

This was a case against a major listed UK Plc. Resulted in a substantial distribution to unsecured creditors. Details are confidential but the quote from the Office Holder below is instructive:

“I would like to thank you  for enabling me to turn a case with remote prospects of recovery in the face of a difficult/ robust  firm of lawyers , and no untainted funding , to one where there will now be a significant dividend for the creditors and good fees for our own firm . I baulked at the potential costs exposure with ATE and this outcome would not have been possible without Manolete’s support of the case.”. – QUOTE FROM THE OFFICE HOLDER

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