March 2018 – First Scottish Case Successes

Having launched operations in Scotland in September 2016, Manolete has now invested in 8 cases for a variety of Scottish IP Firms. Two of these cases have now resulted in successes for the Estates and six are currently ongoing.


Important Manolete Funded Case Wins in High Court

In a Reported Case brought by Mr Tim Ball as Liquidator of PV Solar Solutions Limited, Manolete was able to fund the first ever case where directors duties had been subject to detailed judicial consideration in the context of tax avoidance schemes.

The Court Awarded to the Liquidator the full amount of the damages claimed (£758k).

As Manolete Partners does not use ATE nor CFAs, the entire amount is available to the Creditor Estate, which includes HMRC as the largest creditor.

The full case report can be found at: