ITV News Reports on Manolete in Supreme Court

Our case against Hastings Borough Council creates important new law in relation to the Buildings Act 1984.

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Recovery Efforts do not end with Bankruptcy

Having purchased a strong claim (brilliantly researched by the Office Holder) against a  Director for misfeasance, we obtained judgment in Court. The Director still did not engage with us and eventually we were forced to make him bankrupt. We were convinced that he had ample assets to satisfy the claim.

Only then did the Director seek to annul his bankruptcy. Ultimately, he paid our claim in full, plus costs plus interest. The insolvent estate benefitted by over £120k. All legal fees were paid in full and the Officer Holder was able to recover the costs of his excellent work.

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Manolete Case Heads to the Supreme Court

Our long-running case against Hastings Borough Council heads to a final hearing at the Supreme Court on 23rd June. The case dates back to June 2006, when Hastings Council exercised emergency powers, under the Buildings Act 1984, and closed the pier with no notice to the numerous businesses and their staff that operated on and around the popular leisure site. Stylus Sports Limited, which operated Bingo and Gaming units on the pier was forced into liquidation. Manolete purchased the compensation claim against the Council in 2012. As the Council refused to pay compensation, Manolete was forced to pursue the claim through the Courts. In Reported Cases, Manolete was successful in both the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court will now hear the Council’s final challenge to the earlier judgments.

Steven Cooklin, CEO of Manolete Partners stated: “the vast majority of our cases are settled on sensible commercial terms before the need to go to Court. This case is one of the exceptions but goes to highlight the fact that once Manolete acquires or funds a case, we will not rest until justice has been served. We have financed three Court hearings and an arbitration on this claim. If and when we are successful, the insolvent estate will share a large proportion of the fruits of our efforts”.

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