Manolete Partners buys and funds insolvency claims with a value of £20,000 upwards. Yesterday we settled an Adcroft Hilton case for £35,000 and finalised a claim at £65,000 for Absolute Recovery. Despite the Adcroft Hilton case going through several rounds of hearings, a five figure recovery to the creditor estate was secured. The majority of the proceeds will flow through to the creditor estate on the Absolute Recovery case – a tremendous result with Manolete paying for all the costs and taking all the risk.

There is no ATE cost on these smaller claims (nor indeed on our larger claims) – the expense of ATE would make these claims wholly uneconomic to pursue. ATE premiums take the “top slice” of any recovery – on small claims the IP, lawyers and funder can be left with nothing. So on all of our claims Manolete simply assumes the adverse cost risk on our own balance sheet at absolutely no cost to the case. This guarantees maximum returns for creditors.

These returns are typical on our smaller (under £100,000) claims – it is the efficiency and speed of our model that ensures a good return to the creditor estate.

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