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 read_moreWe are delighted to announce that Ben Briscoe has joined the Manolete team as a Senior Manager. Ben previously worked for RSM Tenon working on a portfolio of 55 cases across a diverse range of industries and sectors. Ben has significant experience in all aspects of case management, including the drafting of statutory reports, meeting compliance requirements, identifying and realising company assets including assisting with sales of businesses, completing forensic investigations into company affairs, managing communications with creditors, employees and other interested parties and managing the distribution of funds as appropriate.

read_moreSteven Cooklin, Managing Director of Manolete Partners commented: “We knew Ben well from his time working on a case with us while he was at RSM Tenon. So he knows how we work and can hit the ground running. He has come from a terrific outfit and we’re delighted to have him on board. I know he is keen to help us build on the great work we have done with several of RSM Tenon’s offices.”

For further information contact Steven Cooklin: Tel: 07900 985559


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