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Selling or funding your claim is easy and quick

If you need us to sign an NDA we are always happy to oblige

1: 48 Hour Commercial Review

Simply send us an email  to with any or all of the following:

• Short case/claim summary (dates, amounts, brief reason for the claim)

• Statement of Affairs is always a useful background document

• Any correspondence with the debtor sent by you or your lawyer

• Counsel’s advice or opinion, if available

• Supporting key evidence

Or if it’s easier simply give us a call and we will arrange to visit your office to review the files at a time to suit you

Within 48 hours we commit to get back to you with our initial views.

2: Free Review by Counsel

If we like the case we will take it direct to counsel for an initial legal review. At our cost, of course. Counsel review usually takes no more than one week.

If counsel is positive we will make you an offer to buy or fund the claim.

If you accept our offer we send you our straightforward Sale and Purchase Agreement or Funding Agreement that has been used numerous times by your IP peer group.

If we or counsel do not believe the case is viable, we share the reasons with you fully. So if you are later challenged on why you did not pursue a claim, you are armed with the rationale. The cost to you is zero.