About Us

Manolete Partners PLC is the UK’s Number 1 insolvency litigation financing company and the largest litigation financier in the Northern Hemisphere by volume of cases.

Having completed investments in well over 200 specialist insolvency cases, we are renowned for our unparalleled knowledge of the Insolvency & Recovery sector. We work alongside IPs from all of the “Big Four” through to one and two partner specialist practices in the regions. Case values range from £20k to £50m. HSBC bank provides Manolete with a £10m revolving credit facility, giving us the financial muscle to support your claims.

Manolete was founded in 2009 by its CEO, Steven Cooklin, a UK Chartered Accountant and a multi-award winning corporate finance expert.

The business was co-founded by Michael Faulkner, the CEO of River & Mercantile Plc.  Dr Stephen Baister acts as our senior advisor. Jon Moulton, the leading private equity investor in the UK is a major shareholder. Jon’s representative, John Jarvis FCA, is a Manolete Board Director.

Manolete invests in all cases directly from its own UK PLC balance sheet. It is not dependent upon any external funding approvals and does not use opaque offshore SPV structure.

IPs will often introduce their tried and trusted lawyers (or vice versa). We then combine to form a powerful three-way team: with Manolete financing the work of the IP and lawyers to make maximum recoveries for the creditor estates that they represent. Manolete always assumes the entire risk of the case enabling the IP to make best use of his Insolvency Act powers in the interests of creditors. Lawyers and other professionals working on our cases are remunerated as and when the work is done – they are never asked to act contingently.

We have a proud record: every IP who has ever worked once with Manolete, has always returned to us with further cases. The majority of our work is repeat business.